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Excavator Grab

The excavator grab we offer including Hydraulic Rock Demolition Sorting Grab | Mini Excavator Rock Grab and Manual Thumb Demolition Grab | Excavator Thumb. Professional manufacturer of excavator grab for sale, helping you to build your own brand. We provide you with high quality, long time warranty and shortest delivery time for all excavator grab in stock.
Excavator grabs are grabs that are used with excavators and are generally hydraulic grabs driven by hydraulic cylinders. The excavator grab is grabbed and unloaded by the opening and closing of the left and right combination buckets or the plurality of jaws, and the grab consisting of a plurality of jaws is also called the gripper.
Excavator grabs are hydraulic structural parts, consisting of hydraulic cylinders, connecting columns, bucket plates, bucket ears, bucket teeth, tooth holders and other spare parts, so welding is the most critical manufacturing process of hydraulic grabs, welding quality directly affects the structural strength and service life of the hydraulic grab.
Excavator grabs are bolted so it is easy to adapt to the type of attachment of the excavator bracket. Excavator grabs also features a thread cutting blade for excavating teeth and can be sealed/tightly side-fed for use as a flip-top bucket.
1. Dual-cylinder action maximizes power and performance.
2. The integrated check valve system provides step-down stability.
3. Sealed pins with sealed pins for performance and low maintenance.
4. Excavator bucket cylinder oil circuit is used, no need to add hydraulic valves and piping.
5. Reduces the distance between pins, maximizing balance and stability.
6. An optional variable flow restriction system that maximizes power through tilt speed adjustment.
7. The oscillating type needs to be controlled by adding a set of hydraulic valves and pipes with piston protection.
1. Loading and unloading of ships, trains, cars, etc.
2. Coal, mineral powder, sand, scrap and other bulk materials.
3. Foundation pit excavation and deep pit excavation of building foundation.
4. Digging and loading on one side of the ditch or restricted space.
All grapple bucket, excavator grab bucket, excavator grabs australia, excavator grab attachment, grab bucket in stock are with exquisite craft and long durability. Welcome to place orders for famous brand excavator grab for sale with our professional manufacturer.