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GP Bucket

The GP bucket we offer including 10-20 Ton General Purpose Ditch Digger Excavator Bucket Size and 30-40 Ton Ditch Digger Dithing Bucket | Excavator Bucket Sydney. Professional manufacturer of gp bucket for sale, helping you to build your own brand. We provide you with high quality, long time warranty and shortest delivery time for all gp bucket in stock.
GP bucket is designed for the toughest jobs in the most extreme conditions. The GP bucket is made of wear-resistant steel and can be additionally protected by wear-resistant chrome carbide, white chrome cast iron, slats, etc. The GP buckets are ruggedly designed to ensure they last for the longest time at hand. The buckets are all designed to ensure efficient excavation of the operator's dual radius design, minimum drag and maximum efficiency.
Excessive structure such as tooth and side blade in the general GP bucket is removed, and the overall weight of the bucket is reduced and the manufacturing cost of the GP bucket is reduced without affecting the function of use. At the same time, it also avoids the obstacles such as tooth and side blades to hinder coal unloading and improves production efficiency.
The side teeth are mounted below the side edges to increase the guiding performance of the GP bucket when digging. The wear plates on the sides and bottom not only ensure the strength and wear resistance of the GP bucket, but also ensure the rigidity of the bucket and reduce the deformation during the operation.
1. The reinforcing plate of the GP bucket is provided with a reinforcing plate, which greatly extends the service life of the bucket;
2. The use of a specific structure increases the strength and ensures a reliable connection of the frequent rotation of the GP bucket;
3. With welded connection, the connection strength is high, and the connection failure caused by coal wear is avoided;
4. The welded parts are easy to disassemble, can be quickly replaced with other buckets, and can be engaged in other normal operations, so that the excavator can truly realize a multi-function.
Widely used in forestry and water conservancy construction, metallurgy, mining, national defense, urban construction and environmental governance.
All ditching bucket, bucket excavator, backhoe bucket, trench bucket, ditch bucket in stock are with exquisite craft and long durability. Welcome to place orders for famous brand gp bucket for sale with our professional manufacturer.