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6 Small tips to easily replace excavator buckets!

- Aug 04, 2017 -

The first step, the horse's head to the upper bucket ears, and another to prepare a pipe, big digging machine is thicker, small digging machine on thin

The second step is to pass the iron pipe into the ear, then lift the bucket and leave the ground.

The third step, the bucket out of the small arms forward, bucket oil cylinder out, so that the connecting rod hole somersault ears almost aligned. A little deviation does not matter, because the bucket can shake from the ground.

The fourth step, with the hand to push the shaft pin, whether big digging machine or small digging machine, new car or old car, all cars can be propelled by hand.

Step fifth, the small arm to the recovery at the same time shovel bucket oil tank to the recovery, will be the horse's head and the hole in the bucket ears, inserted iron pipe.

Step sixth, slowly remove the iron pipe, while the axle pin slowly with the hand to advance, and then the bucket is all changed.

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