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Classification of grab bucket for excavator

- Aug 03, 2017 -

Sort by shape

According to the shape can be divided into the shell and the Orange Claw bucket, the former consists of two complete buckets, the latter by three or more than three of the jaw plate.

by Drive type

According to the driving mode can be divided into hydraulic grab bucket and mechanical grab two main categories.

Hydraulic Grab Bucket

The hydraulic grab itself is fitted with the opening and closing structure, which is usually driven by a hydraulic cylinder, and is also called Hydraulic claw by a plurality of jaw plates. Hydraulic grab is widely used in hydraulic special equipment, such as hydraulic excavator, hydraulic lifting tower and so on.

Hydraulic grab is a kind of hydraulic structural parts, from the hydraulic cylinder, bucket (jaw plate), connecting the column, bucket ear plate, bucket ears, bucket teeth, tooth seat, and other components, so welding is the most critical production process of hydraulic grab, welding quality directly affects the hydraulic grab structure strength and service life. In addition, the hydraulic cylinder is also the most crucial driver.

Hydraulic Grab bucket is a special industry equipment accessories, the need for special equipment to high efficiency, high-quality operation, such as: CNC plasma cutting machine, groove milling machine, roll plate machine, welding positioner, boring machine, hydraulic test bench.

Excavator dedicated hydraulic grab bucket is divided into two kinds of rotary and not rotation, without rotating grab bucket using excavator bucket oil tank, do not add additional hydraulic valve block and pipeline; with slewing grab to add a set of hydraulic valve block and pipe to control.

Special hydraulic Grab bucket for excavators:

1. Excavation of foundation Pit, excavation of deep pits and loading of mud, sand, coal and gravel.

2, especially suitable for trench or restricted space side of the excavation and loading.

3. Suitable for loading and unloading of ships, trains and automobiles.

II. Mechanical Grab

Mechanical grab itself is not equipped with opening and closing structure, usually by the rope or connecting rod external drive, according to the operation characteristics can be divided into double rope grab bucket and rope grab bucket, the most commonly used is double rope grab.

The double rope grab has supporting rope and opening and closing ropes, which are respectively around the supporting mechanism and the opening and closing mechanism of the reel. Double-rope grab is reliable, easy to operate, high in productivity and widely used. Two pairs of double ropes are used to become four-rope grab, the work process and double rope grab the same bucket.

Rope grab support rope and opening and closing rope with the same wire rope. Through special locking device, the wire rope turns to support and open and close. The winding mechanism of the rope grab is simpler, but the production rate is low, and the bulk loading and unloading operation is seldom used.

The grab is divided into light (such as grabbing grains) according to the stacking density of the material being crawled. Medium (such as grab gravel) and heavy (such as grab iron ore) three categories, according to the number of jaw plate divided into double jaw plate grab bucket and multiple jaw plate grab, the most commonly used is the double jaw plate grab. For bulk ores, iron filings and scrap steel should be used for multiple jaw plate grab, because it has the characteristics of multiple claws, notch tip, easy to insert the material heap, can get better capture effect. There is also a shear grab for the principle of imitation scissors, and its grasping force can be gradually enlarged with the closure of the jaw plate. The maximum value is reached at the end of the closure; the opening of the bucket mouth and the area of the covering material are also larger than the general grab, which improves the grasping ability and is advantageous for cleaning the material field and the cabin, but for the bulk material because its initial grasping force is small, the effect is poor.

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