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Construction principle of grab crane

- Aug 03, 2017 -

Grab cranes are mainly with the bridge crane, Port machine, hinge car supporting the use of a wide range of applications in ports, power plants, terminals, chemicals, etc., crawl all kinds of loose accumulation, such as: Ore, coal, slag and other loading, unloading, light heap, feeding and other operations.

Working principle:

In the double reel hinge vehicle, one group reel draws a wire rope, does the support use, the other group leads to one to do the opening and closing use. After grasping the half open, fall onto the object and close the opening and closing of the wire rope, wire rope pull the beam, so that the two palatal plate closed, bucket filled with materials, lifting support wire rope lifting grab, by driving to unloading site, support wire rope not moving, Panasonic open and close the rope using grab opening, remove the grab material.

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