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Introduction of tilt bucket for excavator

- Aug 04, 2017 -


1, the use of high-strength materials, applicable to 4~30 tonnage of various types of machines. 

2, can tilt the angle for 0~45°, the operation is convenient, fast.

Excavator Tilt Bucket Installation Instructions: 

1, from the excavator hydraulic system traction A set of oil circuit to the front of the small arm and install control components. 

2. All pins and pins must be coated with butter before installation. 

3, through the bucket cylinder, connecting rod, rocker rod with the pin shaft to connect the tilt bucket installed and connected to the tilt bucket oil cylinder pipe can be.

Excavator Tilt Bucket Applicable occasion: 

Suitable for domestic garbage, ditch cleaning and sand loading.

Attention to the use of excavator tilt bucket: 

Must be used in the applicable occasions, the tilt-type cleaning bucket is prohibited for hard soil, stone soil excavation and other heavy operating environment. Work must comply with the use of excavator operation regulations.

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