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Rock Bucket

- Aug 03, 2017 -

The Rock bucket is one of the excavator bucket according to the material classification, the excavator bucket is divided into the standard bucket according to the material, strengthens the bucket, the rock bucket, the gravel bucket and so on. Standard bucket material selection of domestic high-quality high-strength Structural steel 16Mn, suitable for general clay, soil excavation and sand, earth, gravel loading, such as lighter operating environment. Strengthen the easy-damaged parts of the bucket plate and side edge plate material selection of domestic high-quality high-strength wear-resistant steel NM360, suitable for excavation mixed with soft gravel of hard soil or gravel, gravel loading and other heavy operations. The tooth seat plate and side edge plate material of the rock bucket are selected from Sweden imported ultra-high strength wear resistant steel hardox, which is suitable for excavating heavy working environment such as hard soil with hard crushed stone, Zhijian, wind fossil or rock, and loading of ore after blasting.

The rock bucket belongs to the structural category product, by the tooth seat plate, the bottom plate, the bottom strengthens the board (two layer), The Edge board, wall board, hanging ear plate, back plate, bucket ear plate, bucket ear sleeve, bucket tooth, tooth seat, guard board or bucket corner and other spare parts composition, so welding is the most critical production process of rock bucket, welding quality directly affects the structure strength and service life of rock bucket. Rock Bucket is a special industry equipment accessories, the need for special equipment to high efficiency, high-quality operation.

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