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Summary of nine excavator buckets

- Aug 03, 2017 -

Standard digging bucket for excavators

Standard digging bucket is a common standard digging bucket in small and medium-sized excavators, the thickness of the plate is adopted, and there is no obvious reinforcement process on the bucket. Characteristic is: bucket capacity is larger, the bucket mouth area is larger, has the big heap surface, therefore has the high fill coefficient, the work efficiency is high, the production cost is low. Suitable for general clay excavation and sand, soil, gravel, such as the lighter operating environment, but also known as Earth bucket. The disadvantage is: because the plate thickness is small, lack of reinforcement version, Anti-wear plate and other strengthening process, life is short.

Excavator Reinforced Digging bucket

To strengthen the digging bucket is on the basis of the original standard bucket to the high stress and easy wear of high-strength wear-resisting steel material for reinforcement treatment of the digging, it not only inherited the standard bucket of all the advantages and greatly improve the strength and wear resistance, the service life is greatly prolonged. Suitable for digging hard soil, soft stone, gravel, gravel loading and other heavy operations.

Excavators Use Rock to scoop

The overall use of rock digging bucket plate thickening, the bottom of the reinforcement plate, increase the side guard plate, install the protective plate, high-strength bucket gear seat, suitable for stone, Zhijian, wind fossils, flint, blasting ore loading, such as heavy operating environment. is widely used in ore mining and other harsh conditions.

Mud Bucket for Excavators

Excavator Mud bucket has become a dredging bucket, no bucket teeth, large width, mud bucket is very suitable for the need for large capacity of the slope, such as the plane repair, river, ditch and other dredging work.

Tilting Bucket for Excavators

Tilt bucket in the mud bucket with all the characteristics, can also be controlled by the role of oil cylinder rotation digging, the maximum tilt angle of 45 degrees, do not need to change the position of the excavator can carry out operations, easy to complete the ordinary bucket can not complete the precise operation. Apply to brush slope, the whole equality plane recuperation and river, ditch dredging work. Not suitable for heavy working environment such as hard soil and stony soil excavation.

The work of assembling trapezoid in excavator

Excavators have a variety of trapezoidal bucket size width and shape, such as triangular or trapezoidal. Apply to Water Conservancy, road, agriculture and pipeline ditching and other operations. It is characterized by one-time molding and high efficiency.

Excavator with loose soil bucket

Excavator soil bucket is installed in the digging bucket high strength loose teeth, in order to achieve a larger mining strength, excavated soil once completed. Suitable for hard soil, Zhijian, wind fossils, such as crushing, excavation and loading operating environment. The disadvantage is that the bucket capacity is smaller.

Real racket for excavator with Shell bucket

Shell bucket work principle is through the expansion of the cylinder, drive shell open the merger to grab the material to complete the operation. It is suitable for excavation of foundation pit, excavation of deep pits and unloading of loose materials such as coal and sand, especially in some restricted space for excavation or loading. The disadvantage is the weak excavation, not suitable for some hard land ground, can only crawl loose materials.

Excavator with Si one scoop

Four in a bucket in the work process can achieve loading, scraping, clamping operations and other functions, with mud bucket, rotary bucket, earthwork bucket, such as the full range of functions. and the use of hydraulic cylinder, do not need tipping bucket can automatically unload material, convenient and fast. The disadvantage is not suitable for ditching, digging groove and other heavier working environment, partial technology flow.

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