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The use skill of excavator

- Aug 03, 2017 -

Be careful when you loose your soil:

1, station position (as far as possible not to buckle, prevent sideslip, do not stand on the slope buckle!) This will not buckle, so that the strength is uneven! Remember)

2, the method of loosing the soil (not like digging, if this is wrong, you will never buckle) first of all the bucket oil cylinder back! Second, press the big arm (like a gun when the car first pressure up) to the ground! Then gently move the next two arms (do not move too big, because this is to let down the "teeth" loose a little soil, hard moving two arms are not dug! )

3. After the two arm is moved, the main part is the loose earth! The Ripper must look for a good angle, let it form a "bottom hook" shape (do not put it flat so that the white buckle, do not let the Ripper up!) To put down the pressure, this time you will hook up the Earth, do not lift the big arm, in the movement of the two arms (so that the earth into pieces into a block of the detachment) the last step "up" the Earth, you will find that the soil will be hooked up.

Loading method (Convenient method)

1, station parking space (station parking space is a very exquisite things, the station is not good location, loading will be slower. How can you choose a good location? It is the station where the material can be dug, can be loaded into the car. The big arm two arms reach half straight can bump into the front box of the loading vehicle.

2, Save oil cylinder behavior

3. How far into the car to fit

4, dig one points back a little, dug the place all super flat.

5, how to dig the material (dirt) to be quick! (Do not dig the deepest, in fact, when you feel you can slow the fight)

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