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Analysis Of The Reasons For The High Water Temperature And Its Solution

- Aug 04, 2017 -

"Digging bucket" as an important part of the excavator, in the use of the process need to pay extra attention to the high water temperature is often encountered problems,

The first step is selection. To choose different types of digging according to different use of objects, different types of digging bucket using different raw materials, a different production process, aimed at the various objects, such as soft sand grains and hard granite applies to the bucket is completely different.

After digging with excavators, we need to be in a timely manner to carry out the maintenance and care of the bucket, because this part needs a long time to contact with the material, it is easy because some water or corrosive materials and damage, especially the edge of the bucket is more easily worn, so every day to improve the care. If the bucket blade after long-term use has become dull and the effect is reduced, then the operators also need to pay attention to the bucket blade in a timely manner to deal with, generally can be the entire bucket blade using specialized industrial grindstone grinding Feng mouth.

For the high water temperature problem, digging bucket work process will have a large amount of debris dust into the engine around, because, regular inspection cleaning machine peripheral debris can help reduce the engine water temperature. Check whether the cooling fan is working properly, the transmission belt is loose, the cooler front is not covered by debris blocking and so on. In addition, too much oil on the engine surface will also affect the heat dissipation.

Digging bucket failure Don't worry, careful inspection, and timely maintenance, most of the fault will be solved!

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