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Careful Blind Operation Is More Harmful Than Good To Strengthen Excavator Digging

- Aug 04, 2017 -

Excavators The majority of users think, the more heavy excavator digging bucket more solid life will be longer, so when you meet the need to strengthen the digging bucket, the whole body welding a lot of steel, to shovel to wear a thick layer of armor.

Manufacturers to the excavator equipped with bucket technology has been very mature, engineers have designed each of the digging bucket is perfect application of stress science. Digging bucket in the absence of excessive wear, a large range of welded reinforcing plate, will only destroy the excavation of the stress, so that the excavation resistance increases, sometimes it will accelerate the abrasion of the bucket cracking. Secondly, if the full range of the digging bucket protection, then will increase the weight of each digging bucket, heavy digging bucket not only increases the machine's fuel consumption, at the same time, high load conditions on the machine life also has a considerable impact. Therefore, if there is more serious wear and tear when the case occurs, should be targeted to the local appropriate reinforcement, where the more serious wear to strengthen where, indeed not to replace the new bucket!

Take the excavation here. For example, digging is the main work of excavators, and there are also many techniques that can directly affect the efficiency of the work. When digging to bucket rod oil cylinder, as a supplement to the movable arm oil cylinder, the angle of bucket teeth should be adjusted according to the track of the bucket rod. Bucket teeth must be like cutting vegetables "inserted" into the ground, rather than "Pat" in the ground. When inserting to a certain depth, complete the hook, lift arm. is a perfect digging action.

To sum up, to the digging bucket to strengthen must master the correct method, good steel used in, do not random welding laminate, otherwise it will be too much.

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