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Digging Bucket Knife Plate And Screw Simple Live Also Have A Scholar

- Aug 04, 2017 -

For the excavator driver, it is a simple job to add screws to the bucket cutter, but simple living also has a big scholarship.

Screw model 4.8, 8.8, 12.9 three models, because the digging bucket often work to dig stones, so screw to choose 12.9 high-strength, high-strength screws installed to have quality assurance, just perfect.

The screws of the knife board are all out of the light, do not replace the screws, work on the digging bucket wear is very big, sometimes the place of work in remote, called burning welder really inconvenient, so while not working, hurriedly buy the screws back installed, to improve work efficiency. If there is no old screw contrast, do not know to go to the accessories shop to buy more than the screws on the bottom of the screw hole to know, because the coin is the national standard, this is absolutely wrong.

The new screw rod is much longer than the old screw rod, the old screw is the machine original installed only one nut is relatively tight, so the new buy screws will be loaded two nuts, must buy screw rod long point. The first screw is fitted to the size just fine, very in place. There is no slightest error.

Screw rod loaded up with a nut, there is an extra section, just installed the second nut up, because to install two nut so there is no spring gasket in the middle, as long as the two nuts, the middle or not to add the gasket is better, this is also more solid. Two nuts loaded up, screw rod 1 centimeters, just fine.

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