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Experience Sharing Of Excavator Bucket Reinforcement

- Aug 04, 2017 -

In general, the edges of the bucket, bottom, side plate, tooth root these are relatively large areas of wear, so to regularly observe the degree of wear in these places, if necessary, these areas should be strengthened treatment.

Tooth root strengthens: the tooth root installs the board the enhancement is very necessary, the excavator in the daily work, because strengthens the bad, the tooth root place will produce the intense attrition, the long-term fight tooth all cannot install up. There are two options for strengthening here, one is sticking reinforcing tendons, the other is package wear-resisting block. It is necessary to note that the practice of reinforcing tendons is simple and economical, but it is necessary to pay attention to weld seam with the tooth root, which will affect the welding strength of the tooth root.

Edge plate and Side edge strengthening: the Sharp wear of the edge plate can reduce the effective bucket capacity, affecting productivity. At the same time, Edge Knife also plays a good role in cutting materials, protect the effect of the side plate, so the digging bucket need to install edge knife. Because the side is not a high wear zone, so the reinforcement of the side does not have to be too strong, so as not to affect the overall weight of the scoop.

Floor Strengthening: the floor is more serious wear area, to the floor strengthening is also very necessary, the reinforcement of the floor to choose a hard, wear-resistant long plate to do raw materials, to protect the overall shape of the bucket, so as not to affect the angle, affect the capacity. Many customers choose to discard the chain as reinforcement materials, personally think more like, the need to pay attention to the reinforcement of the welding to the original rib plate welding direction, on the two boards overlay welding.

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