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Method Of Welding And Repairing Bucket Body And Bucket Tooth Of Excavator (one)

- Aug 04, 2017 -

Bucket material and its weldability

1. The welding department must be cleaned before welding

is to remove the original crack welding meat, with the hand-polishing machine grinding or with the conditions of carbon-arc gas planing, but after planing must be polished clean iron oxide

2, before welding to a certain preheating

It is possible to preheat the welding position by 100 degrees. And then use the diameter of 3.2j507 electrode welding, welding for a while to stop, with a hammer percussion seam and weld edge, to be fully welded after the hammer percussion until the basic cooling of the weld. The aim is to release the welding stress because it is impossible to do heat treatment after welding.

3, welding must choose the appropriate material

The electrode type is very important. If you want to understand what material that will have to take some of the iron foam test, and then come out, and then according to the distribution of electrodes on the line.

4, excavator bucket and bucket teeth welding must ensure penetration

Welding must be guaranteed to penetrate, if the weld position gap can be in the inside to add back plate.

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