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Methods Of Welding And Repairing Bucket And Bucket Teeth Of Excavator Three

- Aug 04, 2017 -

excavator bucket and bucket teeth welding technology

1. Preparation before welding

First remove the worn bucket teeth from the bucket body, and then with the angle grinder to the installation of the bucket teeth polished clean, there is no dirt, rust, and carefully check for cracks and other defects; in the bucket teeth to be welded with carbon arc gas planing open groove, and with the angle grinder clean.

2. Welding

① first on the bucket body (the junction with the bucket teeth) with gbe309-15 electrode for surfacing, welding electrode must be 350 ℃, 15h drying, welding current should be large, welding speed slightly slow to ensure that the Fusion zone nickel content $number, to prevent the emergence of crack-sensitive martensite.

② for positioning welding. Bucket teeth assembly in place, with a diameter of 32MM D266 electrode for the two sides symmetrical positioning welding, the length of the weld is not more than 30MM. Immediately after welding water cooling and hammering.

③ Bottom welding. A D266 electrode with a diameter of 32MM is used for bottom welding. With small current, DC reverse polarity, intermittent welding, short section welding. Every time the stop welding should be timely water-cooled, the temperature control between 50 ℃ below.

④ for filling welding. End welding after welding, use the diameter of 4MM D266 electrode for intermittent welding, welding current is 160A, a welding rod $number time to finish, every time you stop welding, the water should be cooled to 50 ℃ below, and hammer hit to eliminate the stress and prevent carbide precipitation; every two floors are welded to weld to ensure the symmetry of welding, until the solder feet reach 16MM. After each welding with a magnifying glass to check the crack situation, if there is a crack in the carbon arc gas planer to eliminate after welding.

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