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When Purchasing Excavators, How To Tell If The Refurbished Machine

- Aug 04, 2017 -

How to use the digging bucket, oil cylinder and other parts to identify whether the renovation machine? Digging machine all car size arm, digging bucket, oil cylinder have a seal, see can correspond to connect together, can not connect the words is very likely to be the demolition of the car pieces to put up, and the cab those parts, check the model can match up, to judge is not refurbished machine. Check the size of the whole car arm there is no crack, there is no trace of welding, in order to determine whether the machine condition is refurbished.

In addition to digging the bucket and other parts, but also to see the machine three.

Engine: See if the engine is too clean, the more clean there is a problem, the engine has a nameplate, can probably find out when production, see whether and digging machine years probably on, especially to see the screws have moved, the screws have moved the corner of the pile, with the hand to look at the frustrated feeling, did not move the screws you use a wrench to remove the words have a sound.

Hydraulic pump: See if there is a flow, adjust the pressure, there is no oil leakage phenomenon, there is such a case of caution, it is possible to disassemble and renovate.

Distribution valve: See the distribution valve has traces of oil, some of the distribution valve is the whole, and some is a piece of the paint, if the middle should have traces, this can be seen that the distribution valve is not moved.

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